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I have never been one to harp on etiquette, however I now realize the importance of it, and I have started to impliment more etiquette at my dojo as well as my seminars. When living in Japan, it is easy to be in the right mindset to train, because the country of Japan has it’s own feeling of how to act. This feeling could be felt as soon as you get off the plane. The country of Japan is based on a military system. This comes from the way of the Samurai. Even today in the business world, you will find many etiquettes still being practiced. Although we may not be Japanese, it is important for us to have the Japanese mind set while training martial arts. After all the Bujinkan is a Japanese martial art. Soke has mentioned this alot lately.

“If we truly want to understand the Bujinkan Martial Arts, we have to first understand that it is a Japanese Martial Art. Second, we should not put our own thoughts and ideas into the training, and I am still learning from my teacher.” (Soke Massaki Hatsumi)

When students of the dojo are not in the right mindset to train,  there are many openings in there techniques. The whole essence of Soke and Nagato Sensei’s training, is to have no openings. We start by doing this by learning how to punch and kick correctly. After that, we then need to learn how to defend correctly. We must always keep our opponent off balance as well. If not then your opponent will be able to attack back.

Soke and I were talking about this very thing in Japan a few weeks ago. I explained to him that many people train slow, and try to control the opponent, but that is the hardest part isn’t it Sensei? Soke then told me that if you do not control your opponent well, he will counter attack.

Many people like to get together to have fun. However, we should train more with the mind of survival and less play in our movement until we reach 11 12 13 14 15 dan ranks. Here is what Soke has said about the ranks in the Bujinkan:

“Up until 5th dan, everyone should be using power and taking this time to build up your body. This is because you are still training in the basics at this level.” “From 5th dan until 10th dan, you should be training in various techniques, henka.”Once you reach 11th dan, then you should move like me.”

These points are very important for our training. Friendships will be made, however, the focus of training should be on survival (Jissen Gata).

Keep going!

Chris Carbonaro
Bujinkan Shihan

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