Shima Dojo Grand Opening 2/20/2010 Review

On Feburary 20-21st, old faces and new faces got together for the grand opening of Eastern Martial Arts Center. Jay Zimmerman and Chris Carbonaro shared their latest training experiences. It was a wonderful blend of jissen gata from the kihon as well as from the free flowing side.
Several of us recently returned from Japan a few weeks before the seminar and I will tell you, it was a lot like being back in hombu dojo. We covered quite a bit of taijutsu, as well as, hanbo and taichi. The same themes we covered in our trip.
There was several significant things pulled from the seminar. One, was to use the concepts you learn in kihon and apply in a jissen gata style. That was a big point in several classes we attended in Japan. Two, was how important basics were. Although much of the training was somewhat “advanced”, looking around I realized very quickly how much all of us need to work on basics. Many of us are encumbered by seeing things that we think are new, but in reality the “new” is just peices of what we learn from the kihon. We just need to devolp or basics until they are second nature and we need to develop the eyes to see this in the techniques others demonstrate.
It was eye-opening!
It was so fantastic to see friends from near by and far away.
Please don’t mix the next opportunity for training at this level, pay attention to our calender for upcoming events at our dojo!

Doug Tweedy

Bujinkan Shidoshi

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Chris Carbonaro

Bujinkan Shihan

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