A Letter from my teacher 9-18-2009

I recieved a letter from my teacher this weekend, and one of the things Nagato sensei wrote was: “Family, relationships, all things in life as well as budo must be worked at.”


I know this sounds like common sense, but sometimes as human beings we need to be reminded of such things. As there is pain in life, there is pain in budo. As there is joy in life there is joy in budo. Saino kon ki is the theme of this year, and as Duncan stated this is something we can only work on ourselves. You must have the ability, spirit, as well as the capacity to train budo.


When I started training budo, it was very tough and very painful. It is important for us not to forget this feeling. Duncan reminded me of my training, and I am trying to bring back that level of training to anyone that attends my classes or seminars. Not everyone can endure, and not everyone will survive. This is why we must train our saino kon ki. The ability to endure in budo will help us endure in life and vise versa. I believe the potential is there. Now all that is left. Is to keep going.



Chris Carbonaro

Bujinkan Shihan


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