Arizona 2008 Bujinkan Seminar Review

Chris Carbonaro Shihan Arizona Seminar

by Ryan Wells, Shidoshi


For everyone that missed it, you really missed out on a lot of great info. Chris was pleasantly surprised by everyone’s energy and level of training. He was also able to work on quite a few more advanced movements than he originally anticipated because he felt everyone was ready for it. There was so much that was covered that it would be difficult to list it all here, but he expressed and demonstrated movements in terms of how Soke and the top four Shihan move. It was definitely like the experience I get when I’m in Japan (although I don’t normally get bloodied & stabbed in the face like I did by Carbonaro Shihan on Saturday).


Carbonaro Shihan covered a lot of information and I think he made a lot of light bulbs go off by filling-in many of the missing pieces in our training. We know we still have a lot to work on, but I think he gave us enough information to be able to advance. He also repeatedly said that training with us helped his own understanding. I think a lot of that can be credited to the time he spent training with Eric (Eric has cerebral palsy and must use crutches to walk). Often times, due to the number of people at the various seminars, there is not a lot of emphasis on improving individual people. However, due to the low turnout of people this weekend, Carbonaro Shihan was able to look at each and every individual and critique them on their movements. Therefore, Eric had more one-on-one instruction than he has had in a very long time. I know beforehand he wasn’t exactly sure how much he would be able to show Eric, but he discovered that Eric’s energy, enthusiasm, and understanding, were much greater than he expected. This one-on-one instruction is what may have been beneficial for Carbonaro Shihan as well.


All-in-all a great seminar with the “feel” of training in Japan. Carbonaro Shihan’s understanding and explanation of Soke’s and each of the top four Shihan’s movement is what really made this seminar successful. Next time I travel to Japan, I will definitely have a greater overall understanding of what is being taught.

Thanks to Carbonaro Shihan, the Tanuki Dojo, and the guys from Peter Crocoll Shihan’s Arizona Bujinkan Ninpo & Budo Kai for coming out! I really appreciate your support for the seminar and look forward to doing it again next year (hopefully it won’t be as unseasonably warm as it was this year)!

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