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Today’s class, Saturday Jan 5th, Shihan Carbonaro covered the basics of the Shuko, ninja hand claws from the Togakure Ryu. We also covered basics of Ninja Biken, Ninja sword postures and strategies. We ended class with randori (free sparring) with different weapons, and also empty handed.
I have seen Shihan Carbonaro use Shuko (Hand claws) many times before, it is probably one of his favorite weapons. But today he “taught” this weapon as opposed to in the past where he just “used” them. We worked on the Omote Gyaku and Ura Gyaku (Outward wrist twist, and inward wrist twist), which is what we did in basics class on Thursday, and with shuko on today it made more sense. Shihan Carbonaro explained how the 1 inch of the claw protruding from the hands, changes the distance, timing, blocking, punching, grabbing, and etc. Also the way you hold the shuko in your hands forces you to make a Shinkanken Fist so you dont stab yourself on the spikes. This explains why alot of empty handed Togakure Ryu techniques require punching or blocking using this type of fist. As I explained on Thursday, when a guy grabs you by the collar to punch you, you cover that hand with your hand “lightly”. The reason for this is because if you have the Shuko on, you cover the aggressors hand with the claws but not so hard to give away your secret weapon right away. Once he has a tight grip on your collar you dig the claws into him, and keep him pinned to your chest so that he can not let go, then you can twist his wrist in either direction for the break. We did this with the claws on and empty handed, and I have to say it made the empty handed technique so much better to understand this now.
We also covered Ninja Biken, which are Ninja Sword Techniques using a Ninja-To (Ninja sword). We were shown the basic kamae (postures) of holding the sword. Also how to reverse the grip during a fight, and how to deflect stars if there being thrown at you. We also worked with the rokushaku bo (6 ft staff) and how to use it against a opponent with a sword.
Finally at the end class we did randori (free sparring). At first it was empty handed, one on one. We went a few rounds and learned how important it is to have good posture, strategy, timing, and technique. This is where you find out how your training is progressing and what you may need to work on. After that we threw in weapons, sword vs. sword, and then bo vs. sword. We went several rounds with the weapons and learned alot about distance and timing of a short weapon vs. a long weapon. It was the most fun I have had in class, but every class is fun and it keeps getting better.
I am truly grateful to be able to attend class today. Even if we had another class “like” it, or covered the same material, it would never be exactly the same. That moment in time has passed, and the experience was enlightning. If you missed this opportunity in training, you have to ask yourself why? Was it due to money, work, transportation, health, family, etc. ? These are only excuses, the real reason is your mind. It is you, that has to make up your mind that you want to train! You must envision yourself arriving to the dojo early, getting dressed, warming up, and training properly.
As far as money or work, get a better job or start a busines.  Was it  transportation? Then take a bus, train, or buy a car. Health? Eat well, get fit, see a doctor if you need to. If its  family make some time on another day. A few months ago I envisioned in my mind that I would make every class, seminar, event, etc. and by the Blessings of God, I have been able to accomplish more in the last 2 years then I have in my whole life. Today I was supposed to go visit my sister and parents, but by some events and weather conditions that occured in another state, my sister cancelled a day before. This allowed me time for training, and rescheduled the family event. Also I was supposed to work today, but again by the mysterious blessings of God, my brother is now working at the same job and covered my shift. It takes me 2 hours to drive to the Dojo from NY where I work, and about $45 in gas roundtrip, but it is worth it. The picture in my mind has been fulfilled, the blessing received, and I am ever so grateful for this blessing.  If you have no inspiration to have money, a car, etc., you will not be motivated to acquire these things, and therefore never have it. Training forces you to have the need for better health, wealth, time, and etc. and so you recieve an abundance of these things in your life to fulfill your prayers. This is why you see the highest ranking member of the Bujinkan live very successful lives in all these aspects. I can say that I have been inspired to start my own business, get a better car, stay in better health, travel the world and etc., all because of training.
On of my favorite author’s is Earl Nightingale, and he has said in his speech the “The Strangest Secret” :
“Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened to you. For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.”


I remember this from business class:

“If you are early, you’re on time. If you’re on time, you’re late. If you’re late, then you’ve got a lot of explaining to do.”


Think about this:

In your daily life, if you are always early to work, school, training, family events, etc. then you have a habit and expectation of being early. So all your desires, hopes, dreams, prayers, blessings will come to you early and in abundance. If you just make it on time to your daily routine, then you shall eventually get what you want, and just enough of it. But if you are always late to everything, the blessings and opportunites passed you by, and you receive nothing. You do not know the untold consequences and missed opportunities that could have brought your what you asked, seeked, and were knocking for. This is why you hear the old and wise say the early bird gets the worm, and opportunity knocks once.

Something to think about!
Peace and blessing,


Amir Khan


Bujinkan Shidoshi



I will be be leaving for Japan with Shihan Carbonaro in 2 weeks for 2 weeks, Jan 21-Feb 5. Classes will continue at the Dojo, with certified Bujinkan Shidoshi.




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