Budo is something that needs to be experienced!

Thinking back on this year’s training experience, I have come to learn more about budo. When I first came back to the states, I was very enthused to teach anyone that wanted to learn budo, as I had experienced it in Japan. However, although I wanted to share my experience, I was wrong for trying to teach people what I had experienced.

This year, my dojo and I went to Japan in April, as well as hosted various seminars with Shihan Duncan Stewart, Paul Masse, and Pete Reynolds. After having experienced the way these guys share budo, I realized the mistakes I made in the past. When we learn something for ourselves, we tend to want to share these expriences with others. Sometimes we try too hard to make people feel or experience what we have felt or exprienced ourselves.

I would like to thank as well as apologize to everyone who have continued and or stopped coming to my seminars. I apologize, because I tried to teach, when I should have just shared. I have learned a lot this past year, and as it is the year 2009, I am 29 years old today. I am happy to have made this realization before I enter my 30’s. I feel that starting next year, I will be able to share my experiences with more people, and not make the mistake to teach anyone.

This is something that only can be realized through the experince of budo. Next year I am starting a new job, and moving into a new apt, as well as taking classes on-line for Global Business Management. I was fortunate to meet many great people over the last 5 years. I will not have as much time off because of my new job, therefore I will only be able to teach 3 or 4 seminars next year.

I have been supported well by Mexico, and I have been down there 5 times now. However, January of 2010 will probably be the last seminar I can teach in Mexico, for a while. I feel that this seminar will be special, and I am looking foward to meeting and training with many of my old and new friends.

I will also be teaching a seminar in February 20/21 in Virginia. I was invited by Doug Tweedy to teach at his new dojo, to share our experience of our Feb 2010 Japan trip. My good friend Jay Zimmerman will also be teaching at this seminar. I would like to invite everyone from close and far to attend this seminar.

I have also been fortunate enough to have been invited to Italy during the week of October 10-17 by Barbara Batistin. I am happy for this opportunity, and I would like to invite all of my friends from Europe to join me at this seminar as well.

As for my dojo, I am planning on having Shihan Duncan Stewart, Paul Masse, and Pete Reynolds at my dojo every year. I feel that these three guys have a great ability to share their experiences of Soke’s budo. I will try to spread these seminars out evenly throughout the year. I would like to invite everyone and anyone who studies Bujinkan to attend these events.

I am now teaching three days a week at my dojo, and I would like to invite anyone who studies Bujinkan to come and train if they have time. Thank you to everyone for allowing me to share my experiences in Budo with all of you.

If anyone would like more information on training at the Tanuki dojo, please visit our new website at www.bjkninja.com for furthre information.


Chris Carbonaro

Bujinkan Shihan


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