Budo vs Friendship/Good Training vs Bad Training


I do not believe that many people understand the relationship of Budo vs Friendship. Many of us in the Budo world know each other through training. Therefore, a bond is formed between one another. However, once the connection is cut between the two Budoka 9 out of 10 times, the friendship is lost. The reason for this, is because the friendship was built through the common thread of Budo. Once that common thread is lost, people tend to go their own ways. There is nothing wrong with this, this is a part of life. There is also another misconception that all training is good training. However, this is not true. We all have a place in the dojo. This is why we have a rank system, however, many people tend to step over these boundaries. People think that all training is good, because it is a bunch of friends coming together to have fun. However, this is budo, not bowling, fishing, basketball or any other type of activity. What makes budo different, is the life and death aspect that comes along with the training. If you expose yourself and you students to teachers that have many openings in their taijutsu, than this can be fatal to one’s life. These individuals who have not yet reached a good point in their budo training should train with people who have. And they should not continue to teach large groups of people, while they still have many openings and habits in their movement. Therefore, everyone reserves the right to train with who they wish. However, remember that you may be putting yourself in a fatal situation, if you are sacrificing good taijutsu for friendship.

I have been in many classes when I was living in Japan, where both Soke and Nagato Sensei stopped the class and yelled at everyone for fooling around too much. They both explained on numerous occasions that what we are doing is serious, and can cause injury. This is why we need to focus and train seriously when we are in the dojo. There are many misconceptions from people who have not trained, or been around Soke for a good amount of time. Many people do not speak Japanese, and do not understand the Japanese culture. Therefore, they may not hear or understand everything that Soke says. There are many times that the translators can not keep up with Soke, or can not express exactly what it is that Soke is saying. Therefore, it is important for you to be able to understand what he is saying for yourself. Kamioka-Shihan told me that I was very lucky to understand Japanese, because I could at least hear what Soke was saying, from heart to heart. This is something that many people in the Bujinkan do not possess. My level of Japanese is standard. There are many other people out there that have a great grasp of the language, like Paul Messe, Doug Wilson, Craig Olson, Tim Bathurst, and Ben Cole, as well as many others. However, the more you can do for yourself, the further you will go in your budo studies. This is another reason why all training is not good training. How many times has Soke told us that he is not teach from his own thoughts? How many times has Soke told us that he is still teaching and communicating with Takamatsu Sensei? This is why it is important for all of us to continue to train with Soke, as well as people that have a good grasp of the culture and language. Most of the people who do not understand these things are teaching from their own thoughts and this is dangerous.


Chris Carbonaro

Bujinkan Shihan


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