DKMS 2007 Review Richmond Virginia

We had another wonderful time in Virgina once again. We were very lucky to have so many people who went to Japan as well as the DKMS attend our event. We had about 8 people who shared something about what they learned on their trip this year. We covered many techniques as well as ideas and principles that we learned while we were in Japan.






Many of the people who showed the techniques during the seminar were the new godans. This seminar will be held every year, and is a great way for everyone to get together to end the year. It is important to train correctly, so that our taijutsu can grow properly.

 dsc04134.jpg dsc04099.jpg dsc04167.jpg

I am looking foward to this seminar every year. We will continue to make changes to these seminars, so that we can have the best events possible. Next year we will add t-shirts, and possibly a video of the event. We feel that it is very important to make the best of these events. We also encourage more people from the local area to come and join us.


Thank you to everyone who attended this event. Now that 2007 has come to an end, we need to start preparing for 2008 (Togakure Ryu).



Chris Carbonaro

Bujinkan Shihan






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