DKMS Review 2009 Shihan Rafael Franco

We were lucky to close out the year by having Shihan Rafael Franco come and share his experience of the DKMS in Japan. Rafael used techniques from various schools such as Takagiyoshin Ryu, Kukishinden Ryu, Gyokko Ryu and Koto Ryu. Rafael mentioned that all things are connected. Next year is the year of Tiger, so we ended training with some Goykko Ryu and Koto Ryu techniques.

Rafel explained that we should learn about FUTEN NO TORA. Soke said that we will study how to move like a tiger that moves like the wind. Rafael also made a good explaination of cause and effect. He explained that we need to remember that for every move we make, our opponent will react. Making sure that we are in control of those reactions, will help us better be in control of ourselves.

Overall, everyone had a wonderful time at the seminar. We have been fortunate to have had so many great Japan training opportunities at our dojo this year. I am planning to create more opportunities in 2010, and I would like to invite all Bujinkan members to participate in these events.

Thank you very much to Shihan Antonio Rodriguez for hosting this great event. I would also like to thank Shihan Rafael Franco for making himself available to share his experiences. I am very grateful to the students of the Tanuki Dojo who have made all these great training experiences possible.

I invite everyone to participate in our Shinnenkai on January 9th, 2010. We will start the new year with a review of all the great training experiences of 2009 in preperation for our Japan trip in Feb 2010. Shihan Oliver Martin and I will be sharing our experiences with Soke with anyone who wants to learn. Please visit for more information on our seminars, products, training schedules and more.

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