Hatsumi Sensei Master of Intention


Last night we had a very interesting training. First, Amir and I had a conversation in the car, and we talked about 3 things: When will his students start to come to my class? I would like to get chief to go to Japan in August, and I wish we had students from Long branch, especially from the Momouth University. After our converstation Amir got a phone call from his student Alex, and Alex told him that he was waiting at the dojo. When we got to the dojo there was a guy named Hasan who was waiting there. Not only did he live in Long Branch, but he also was a student from Monmouth University. After Chief walked in, he asked me the dates for the Japan trip in August, because he wanted to go in August.  WOW! The power of Intention is strong. 

The same things used to happen on the way to the dojo either the Hombu or the Higashimatsuyama dojo. Danny Parks and I would be on the train or in the car, and we would talk about something, anything, not necessarily reltated to Budo. However, some way some how, that subject would be brought up in class by Nagato or Hatsumi Sensei. We thought at first that this was a fluke, but it would happen almost every class.

My good friend Bob Fraizer and I had a good conversation about how Hatsumi Sensei was a master of intention. This was an important conversation, that I am just starting to understand now. Bob said that Hatsumi Sensei not only uses physical means, or just physics to do what he does, but he also very much uses his thoughts, and intentions to subdue an opponent.

Every since my last trip to Japan in January 2008, I have been exposed to Soke’s intention in a way I was able to really feel it. What I mean is that there were many times that I had punched at Soke, and just fell down. Before, I was not ready to recieve what it was that he was doing. However, this trip was very different. I felt a power from him, that I did not understand, but I could recognize. What I mean is that I know that there was something there. I first experienced this in 2007 when Soke did a technique to me and I felt as if there was a bubble standing between him and I. And because of this, I could not attack again. It wasn’t until he burst the bubble, that I was able to attack with the second punch.

This is also something that you experience with Noguchi Sensei as well. Everytime you punch or kick at him, it seems that your attack has drifted away into a completely different direction. I have also experienced something similar when Arnaud came down to N.Y. last year. We did the technique Suisha, and there was a point in the technique that the tori kicks the legs of the uke twice, and then performs uchimata. I moved my legs as if I was getting kicked, and then I was thrown. However, Arnaud never kicked me. This was very interesting to me.

Last night in class, things happened then that never happened before. I believe that this is a true Mind, Body, Heart, experience. For example, we did Ichimonji no waza. First we did it the basic version with speed and power. We then did it with a light feeling. However, I took it up a level, and when Craig punched his arm moved as if I hit it, but I did not touch his arm. However, before he punched, I was thinking of crushing his arm. I moved slightly out of the way, but I did not punch his arm. This was strange. So I then applied the same thoughts with some sword work. Just as the opponent went to cut, I thought in my mind that I already cut his belly, then I made my cut. However, after I made my thought or sent out my intention, uke paused for a second, which gave me the opportunity to strike him. Uke said he felt as if he was already cut, and did not want to come in. Craig said that it felt as if he second guessed his attack, So he stopped to change, but by that time it was too late. You often see Yabunaka do the same thing after he punches Soke. Yabunaka oftens says that it is a scary feeling, and that he does not want to continue his attack. From someone watching, it does not make sense. Because unless you are uke, you can not feel what it is that is going on.  Maybe this is a key that unlocks many doors that we have in our art. The first step is to understand that these things exist. Once you understand this, then you can come to learn them. However, if you do not believe that such things are possible, then no matter how good your taijutsu is, you will never be able to develop these points in  your taijutsu.


Chris Carbonaro

Bujinkan Shihan


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