I had a really good conversation last night with Noguchi Sensei. He showed me the Ten Chi Jin Ryaku no Maki, and told me that we will be studing techniques from here as well. More than the Ten and Chi Ryaku no Maki, the focus will be on the Jin Ryaku no maki. The Santo Tonko no kata can also be found at the end of the Jin Ryaku no Maki. Last night we looked at a technique from the new Togakure Ryu DVD. I am not sure when Hatsumi Sensei will release the video, but I can reassure you that it is on its way.  We also looked at two Koto Ryu and three Gyokko Ryu techniques. Although we are going to be studying the techniques from the Jin Ryaku no Maki as well, please remember that this year is Ninjutsu. Therefore, we should practice these techniques with the feeling of Shuko, Shuriken, Kyoketsushoge, and the Ninja-to. Training has been really exciting, because there are not too many people here at this time.

I was also able to speak a lot with Nagato Sensei. One of the most important things he talked about was how we need to believe Hatsumi Sensei, and follow what he tells us to do. Nagato mentioned that Budo is life and vise versa. We do not understand life, just like we do not understand budo. Therefore, the only way to come to learn this art is to listen to Hatsumi Sensei. One of the biggest problems, is when people are putting their own thoughts into their training. Nagato Sensei mentioned that Soke to this day still talks to and follows Takamatsu’s way. This is very important for budo. If we want to learn budo, the only thing we can do is listen to Hatsumi Sensei.



Chris Carbonaro

Bujinkan Shihan


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