Training tonight was awesome. We went over a couple technqiues from the Santo tonko no kata involving a sword. Soke explained the importance of evasion from the sword, as well as punch. The idea is to move out of the way just enough. Most of the time we moved too far away, or not far enough. We learned how to disarm our opponent and the emphasis was using the legs to move. Everytime Soke moved his arms, or shoulder, it was done with the legs. “TAIJUTSU” was emphasised throughout the class. I got a chance to be uke on time tonight, and I felt as if my life was taken. At first I came down with a sword cut, and Soke was there but not. What I mean is that he is close enough that you can see he is there, but there is no presence of any kind. This is something I noticed about training with Nagato sensei and Noguchi sensei as well. It seems that we do not understand distance properly. So after the cut, Soke evaded and the next thing I know, I was being bent backwards. When my body was in this postion, it created an opening for Soke to place my sword on my neck. At this time I was all twisted up and my weight was to the rear. The next thing I know, I was thrown threw the air. As I was rolling out from the throw, Soke was following me with the tip of the sword pointed at my throat. This experience was very frightening, because I felt as if I was about to die. We also talked about the idea of Mysticism, and the importance of mysticism in training. The word that Soke used was “Shinmyoken.” We also trained with the hanbo, shikomizue, mezashi, shinobi-jo and shuko. We took a look at different ways to use the Shuko. Soke showed us a technique were we deflect the sword with the back of the shuko. We also looked at the idea of slipping the shuko off of the hand in the middle of the technique. This creates free movement with you hands, and it also allows for you to use the shuko in a different way. Tonight’s class was really a great learning experience. I also was able to have Hatsumi write the theme of the year “Menkyokaiden” on a scroll for our dojo.




Chris Carbonaro

Bujinkan Shihan



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