Hey everyone! Training has been awesome. Hatsumi Sensei was talking about the idea of Gyokko Ryu’ s Ten ryaku Uchuu gashoo, Hanin Boitsu , and Futen Goshin. We also talked about Juppo Sessho of Tagaki Yoshin Ryu and the Shinnen Jitsu of Kukishinden Ryu. I was able to be uke for Hatsumi Sensei quite a bit this trip. Class to day was great. Hatsumi Sensei has also been talking about Ku. The idea of becoming nothing. The person who is uke also needs to know how to become nothing as well. Today was the last class of our trip. We met some great people on this trip as well. I am really looking foward to our seminar on the 16th. Class will change once again. I really learned about which direction I need to take my training. I hope you guys are ready for  all the great changes! I will see everyone on Wednesday this week. I also want to congratulate Jay on passing his godan test under Nagato Sensei. My wife came to the dojo today to meet both Nagato and Hatsumi Sensei. It was funny because she was there for the godan test. There was someone else giving the godan test, and there was no real energy. My wife who was watching wasn’t really sure what was going on. Then Hatsumi Sensei asked Nagato Sensei to give the test. I told my wife to try and feel the energy in the room when Nagato sensei gave the test. It was funny because my wife was blown away by the power that was given off. It was cool that someone who knows nothing about the bujinkan, can be affected by the power of the bujinkan. This year seems to be a mixture of all the schools and all the philosophies of the bujinkan. See everyone on Wednesday of this week.



Chris Carbonaro

Bujinkan Shihan


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