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 Amir, Jason, and I just arrived to Japan. We made the first class of the week which was taught by Noguchi Sensei. We worked on the first four techniques of the Santo Tonko No Kata. If you were at the Andrew Young Seminar last week at the Tanuki Dojo, then you are off to a great start. When Noguchi showed us the base techniques, they were almost identical to what Andrew shoud us. Even the henka that Andrew should came up during the class. We worked on different ways of taking Taki Ori regarding the first two techniques. One of the most important things is to to use your legs. By using your legs and spine, it becomes much easier for you to manipulate the body. We also did these techniques with shuriken, metsubishi, and ninja-to. The training was great, because besides the techniques, the finer points of taijutsu were taught. Before I go to Japan, I feel as if I am doing well, and that my taijutsu is growing. However, when I come back to see my teachers in Japan, I realize that I have so much to do.  Below are a few fotos taken at the Hombu Dojo of Amir and I going over some of the techniques. Please use these photos and this blog to help put your training on the right track.


Noguchi Sensei made a point that Hachimonji is done like this!


One variation is to push down on the wrist


Push the elbow on the floor and apply Take Ori


Then twist the wrist around snapping the joint in the wrist!



Chris Carbonaro

Bujinkan Shihan


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