Jissen Gata

When I first came back from Japan, I was teaching my brothers and friends at a park by my house. After a few times training, I had realized something. For the last three years I was living in Japan, I learned how to kill. I use this word in the broadest sense.  However, I became a bit scared after contemplating this for a while. I then realized that I also learned how not to be killed. I believe that this is the most important lesson here. Soke is always teaching and moving in this way. However, his movements are getting smaller and smaller yet his power, energy, and presence is growing. Nagato Sensei on the other hand teaches in a way that is easier for us to understand.

Nagato Sensei told me before, that everyone needs to train with the four shihan, because they can interpret what Soke is teaching. In other words, they can break down what soke is teaching, so that we can learn the concepts as well as experience them. The economy is taking a turn for the worst, and we must use Sakki Yomi in order to survive in the future. This is very similar to the godan test. We need to use our senses in order to avoid danger. Because of Sakki Yomi, I have decided to use Jissen Gata as a theme for our dojo for this year.

Last night we trained on how to really control our kicks and punches. We also learned how to avoid cuts from a knife as well as someone drawing a gun. We put our taijutsu to the ultimate test, and we did all of these movements based on sword work “Japan theme.” I stressed the importance of the uke, and his job to create openings to attack. This is something that many people do not practice. This was a big part of Nagato Sensei’s training at Higashimatsuyama Dojo when I was living there.

We practiced against an uke throwing a jab to create space, to stab with a knife to tori’s face. We did this several times, and then I was showing how to attack properly from the Uke’s side. When I did this, my student did not move off line and found a metal training knife stuck in his eye. Luckily, it only pierced his brow and nothing went into his eye. The lesson here, is that we must train properly in order to be able to move off line of an attackers attack. We have to learn the proper angles to move. I find that many people do not know how to really fight, because they are too fixed on Kata. Kata is only the begginning, and although important, it has to be forgotten. This is what Soke is teaching us.

At the end of class, I told a few stories to my students. One of them was about a girl who was just hanging out in Dunkin Donuts with no coffee, friends or money. She had no where to go, so she just loitered in DD. As the economy gets worse, we may find more people with no money and nothing to do just hanging around. What will you do if you are someone who has money, buys coffee and wants to enjoy a talk with your buddies. In this case, you may find yourself victim to 10, 20, or more people hanging around wiht no money or coffee.

There have been numerous attacks in N.Y. against the elderly. Young people punching old women in the face and then taking their money. This is become more and more ramped. There was also a report about a guy who was denied service at a Mc Donalds for being buligerant. He got so pissed and ripped the cash register from the table and throw it at the employee’s he also went back in the kitchen and started breaking everything in site. My student Amir found a video that I have enclosed that shows news reports of these very same acts. Please take training more seriously, and learn how to be more serious in with your taijutsu.

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