Mexico Keiko Kai IV Feb 2009


Craig and I traveled to Mexico two weekends ago. I normally teach two seminars a year in Mexico, and hope to go out there 4 times next year. Armando Cantu Reyna 8th dan is doing a wonderful job getting all the Shidoshi in Mexico together. Although not all the Shidoshi could make it, I believe the ones that truly want to train were there. I have now made such great friends with everyone down there.


The Shidoshi who attended were: Eduardo, Lorenzo, Julio, Armando, Mundo, and Craig. The most wonderful thing, was that each of the Shidoshi not only attended the seminar, but brought some of their students with them. This was the first time for me to see this. I was very pleased, because I know that these Shidoshi value their training, and are learning a lot from my seminars.  These seminars have always been large in numbers, but it was the first time we have everyone focused on training. I was also pleased to see that Armando’s students have made a huge step foward in their training. Everyone is developing the skill and spirit needed to train in budo.


The focus of the seminar was Koto ryu, Roppo Kuji no Biken and Jissen Gata. Jissen Gata is the most important, especially for the times we are faced with today, and what we will face tomorrow. It is important to train in budo, especially now with all the terrorism as well as economic depression.


I would like to thank all the Shidoshi as well as Armando for hosting me as well as keeping the focus of training real. See you all in September.


Chris Carbonaro

Bujinkan Shihan

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