Shihan Jay Zimmerman Seminar Review!


 On November 3rd, the Tanuki Bujinkan Dojo hosted Shihan Jay Zimmerman to the dojo. There are many of us who are content with the level we are at, but there are others who want to learn more. The Tanuki Bujinkan Dojo now has a total of 3 Shidoshi and 2 Shihan, who have been, and continue to train extensively with Soke and the Japanese Shihan, working together to learn Hatsumi Sensei’s art. The Bujinkan is constantly changing and evolving, so it is important for all of us to continue to stay up to date with the information from Japan. Personally, I go to Japan in January each year, to find out exactly what it is that Soke is teaching. Once you get the feeling for the year, then you can apply it. I then continue to only go to seminars where people are teaching what they learned in Japan. There is no sense in going to a bo seminar, or a basics seminar, because we can practice those things at our own dojo. Therefore, the Tanuki Bujinkan Dojo will start to host seminars with people who are going to Japan regularly, and teaching what they learned on their trips to Japan, every two months. This is the purpose of a seminar. Many of us have our own dojos, teach the basics differently, and emphasis what is best for our students. However, if you are a true student of the Bujinkan, and are seeking Soke’s teaching, no matter what rank, or how long you have been training, these seminars will give you the information you need! 


There was a great feeling of Japan training in the dojo this weekend. There were two reasons for this. One reason, is because Jay taught us exactly what Soke and the Shihan are doing in Japan. The second reason, is because we had so many Shidoshi and Shihan, as well as other people who have trained in Japan, who added to the feeling. One of the best feelings, is when there is a large group of people who are in one place training, who have the feeling. It is like a big surge of energy it was awesome!

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5) jay11.jpg   

Our next seminar will be on February 16, 2007. This seminar will be a Back from Japan Seminar “Ninpo Taijutsu”. The training will be from 12pm-6pm. The cost is $40.  We have lots of parking, and you can also take a train directly to the dojo. We hope that everyone will continue to support the dojo, as well as continue their education in the Bujinkan. There is a big difference in teaching what you already know, and learning what you have not yet been taught. The Tanuki Bujinkan Dojo is a Bujinkan Dojo, not belonging to anyone person in particular. This dojo has been established to allow all Bujinkan practicioners a place to train. If you wish to teach or host a seminar, please consider doing so at the Tanuki Bujinkan Dojo. Feel free to email Chris Carbonaro at or call 201 214 3519.     

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