Shihan Paul Masse Seminar N.J. 2009


Shihan Paul Masse visited the Tanuki Dojo this past weekend. We have been fortunate to have hosted so many great seminars this year. We also have three more seminars occurring before the end of the year.


Paul brought some of his pottery as well as his artwork. It was nice for him to travel with these wonderful pieces of art. Paul gave us a better insight to the many different types of artwork, as well as a deeper understanding of a famous Zen artist Sengai.


When I lived in Japan, I studied Japanese as well as the culture. However, my primary focus was Taijutsu. Although I have recieved many paintings from Soke, I did not look at them the way I do now. Paul has really captured not only Soke’s taijutsu, but also his art. The great thing about Paul, is that he is not only copying Soke, but he has been able to internalize his teachings.


Kyojutsu, Kyojutsu, Kyojutsu, this is the key to Soke’s movement. We have to find the rythm of a 1,2, heartbeat, inorder to find the flow. This is very important to understand Soke’s movement. Paul’s seminar really helped me to understand Soke’s movement.


Like taijutsu, Paul also helped me to better understand Soke’s art work as well. I had also started to learn shodo, and I had an easier time to understand what he was drawing. It really is important to be around Soke as much as possible. I would like for everyone to rethink their training. It does not matter what rank you are, because all of these seminars and trainings with people who either lived in Japan, or are living in Japan is essential to all of our growth. After all, is it not the goal of everyone to move like Soke? If so, then why is it that many people do not take these opportunities to train with people who have spend a lot of time with him? Again, it does not matter your rank or time training. It is important to grasp Soke’s feeling whenever possible. Through this inspiration, it will help you grow.


Thanks again Paul for sharing your insights to Soke’s budo. I will be sure use this feeling, not only when I teach my classes, but also when I teach seminars. Also thanks for all the people who came from Pa, Boston, Maryland, NY, and NJ. A special thanks to my student for making this event possible.


Chris Carbonaro

Bujinkan Shihan

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