Tanuki Bujinkan Dojo Embu Anime Next 2009


I had been fortunate to have partaken in two embu while I was living in Japan. The first Embu was at Yokota Airbase, where I lived for three years. The second Embu was in Noda. Kamioka-san told me that and Embu is a true test of our art. The idea is to show your best stuff. Although we do not have contests, we have Embu.

Tengu Dori

Last year, we were able to perform a demo at Manga Next 2008. This demo was more of a trial run for this years Anime Next. Everyone trained very hard for this demo. I had followed the same training method as shown by Soke. We would take about 30 minutes after each class to practice for the demo. We did this for about a month.

Tengu Dori2

On Saturday June 13th, everyone who participated in the embu arrived at the dojo at 10:00am. We continued to practice until 12:30pm. We all then went out to lunch and shortly after headed out to the convention center in Somerset N.J.


We had a total of 100 people show up to watch our demonstration. It was interesting, because we did not know what type of atmosphere we would be faced with until we got to the convention center.


However, we found out that we would be doing our demonstration on concrete. It was the first time for most of the participants to take ukemi on this surface. Again like Kamioka-san said the embu is where we have to perform at our best.


Everyone’s taijutsu was tested to the limits, and everyone did a great job. The ability to control yourself on a hard surface, with all of your adrenaline pumping from the crowd is tough to do. When you throw in weapons as well, it becomes another obstacle to overcome.


Often we find a lot of costume and dressing up in Bujinkan Embu’s. However, I really wanted to make sure that people knew that what they were watching was real. So everyone performed in their normal training gear. We added a Tengu Skit at the end of the demo for some added fun. Also many of the people watching knew of Japanese history and Culture. Therfore they were able to appreciate the idea of Tengu.

Tengu Dori4

We had a really good time cutting Tatami and showing our taijutsu skills. You can find a video of our demo below:

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