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We had an awesome class last night. First I am now teaching my students to be able to understand the techniques from the text. I am using the last three books that Hatsumi Sensei wrote: The way of the ninja, Sword Fighting, and Advanced Stick Fighting. This May a new book will come out titled Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu. In this book with contain the original as well as the translated text of the major Ryuha of the Bujinkan. When this book comes out, I think that many people will be surprised to see how the techniques are described. Therefore, with out the Kuden it will be very difficult to understand these techniques. That is why it is so important for you to have been training over the last 10 years or so. As I read from the book, my students had a hard time to perform the techniques. Some of the descriptions were not so clear. Some of them also contained a poem like description of how the technique should flow. Because I have been through most of the schools, I was able to guide them. This is why you need to find a Grade “A” qualified instructor.


After exploring the base techniques such as Gyokko Ryu’s Koku, and Koto Ryu’s Katamaki, we then added the essence of Ninjutsu to them. We also did the same with Gyokko Ryu’s FUU which is a Muto Dori technique. It is important to learn the base technique correctly. Learning the base technique first, gives you the tools and ammunition to fight with. At the end of class, some of the godans stuck around. We were talking about the idea of how this stuff would work in a real fight. I told them that I would show them. I then asked Craig to attack me in anyway he felt like. At first, it was like a sparring match, kind of like a punch for a punch or a tit for a tat. I then explained that this type of fighting serves no purpose, because he is not trying to hit me. He is more or less trying to throw punches and win points. I did the same with Amir and Dominick. I then asked them to just come at me and try to take my head off. This is when the game changed. Why you may ask? Because at this point, they were at the right distance, and had the right amount of power to connect. They were also committed to the punch, kick, grab, or whatever. This is when your taijutsu skills kick in. I then used the example of Koku and Katamaki. First, I said just attack me for the technique. One, two, three, etc. I then had them attack me with the Punch and Kick from Koku, but this time the punch and kick could be of anytype. I also told them to apply full force, speed and power. Once again, my taijutsu saved me. It is important for both the Tori and Uke to practice in such a manner that you feel you are in a real fight. This is very difficult for beginners to do. Therefore, I would only recommend trying this once someone had reached the level of Godan. If not, then people will get hurt and mad at one another. You have to have a good level of skill, as well as self control.


 This is why it is important to be serious while training. Oftentimes, I see too many people talking or having too much fun. When you are in the dojo, it is not social hour! It is time to train. It is important to have fun as well, but remember what it is that we are doing. We are trying to learn how to defend ourselves. In the case the we need to prevent the loss of our life, or the life of a friend or family memeber. This is why it is especially important for us to train hard and seriously. When it is time for the Uke to Punch or Kick in the technique, these attacks have to be delivered with the following: good speed, good power, good distance and good intent. Going too fast, or too hard, will only cause your attacks to be off-balance with no real meaning behind them. As Uke, we want to learn how to attack efficiently. This means good posture, good positioning, good fists, good speed, and good power. “This is why we train in the dojo, and we do not fight in the dojo.” Having this understanding will allow you to improve your technique as well as your skill. My advice to everyone, is to concentrate being Uke when you are Uke, and concentrate on being Tori when you are Tori. This is extemely helpful, when you think you are Tori, but then in the middle of the fight become Uke.



Chris Carbonaro

Bujinkan Shihan

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